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Cladding Systems

We are offering a wide range of architectural solutions according to the client need with the latest technology in all types of Rain-screen cladding, Windows and Curtainwall installation.

The cladding system is the most popular choice for large and small projects allows multiple options for aesthetic design, high quality of the material, quick supply, easy inspection and maintenance, on a competitive price.

Our service offers engineering and architectural planning, panel supply and installation, inspection and allocating the leaks, replacement and maintenance of the panels, colour matching, flexible solution for any project. We have rope access technicians for limited access points.

There are numerous advantages of the Rain-screen cladding comparing to different Cladding system and the traditional brick wall. The high quality of the materials and installation is crucial to provide safe fire protection system, optimising the energy effectiveness, suitable for any weather condition to avoid damage the façade from rain and wind. Reduce condensation on building structure from the airflow and moisture management systems. Also allows your unique design, adjustable to the architectural requirements, easy for inspection, which makes it a preferable choice.


Design solution manufacturing and installation to provide energy effectiveness, isolation and security for your home and office. We accomplish our projects according to the customer requirement. Our Architectures and designers work in collaboration to personalise your unique project with an option for single, double or triple glazing, PVC, timber, aluminium windows, acoustic or obscure glass. You have a variety of choices with the proven high quality of contemporary materials in different sizes, shapes and colour.

Our professionals will give you the best solution and advice for your project.


The good care of the building is the everyday responsibility, to ensure operates at the optimum efficiency, keeping the excellent vision and provide the best standards of health and safety for the users and occupants.

Building maintenance covers a variety of tasks in the long and short term depending on the materials, construction and façade. It may include from small leak to major repairs, replacement or surface restoration.

We are offering a different type of building renovation and refurbishment, roof maintenance, glass polishing and replacement, leak inspection.

Contact us to find the best solution for your need.

Professional Handling and Installation Solutions

Our experienced and friendly team is always ready to assist by providing pre-sales information and advice to ensure you get the right solutions for your project

Time Saving

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