About Zillion Elements

The company was established in 2013

We are building on our purpose together, lead by the changing customer’s demands and technology development. We are adapting our business to the fast-changing market needs, with many years of experience in this field, our vision is improving the quality of service and materials through using the latest innovation and technology in the construction to deliver the best value to our valuable business partners.

We are specialising in multiple projects in the construction industry with SFS systems, all types of Rain-screen cladding, Windows and Curtainwall installation, Steel erection and balustrades, glazing and maintenance. Our operative and management teams combine many years of experience in the United Kingdom and abroad. We have completed numerous different projects of various size and type, with limited access and complicated logistic.

2 Founders

Who try to create a new kind of business

32 Employess

Who cater to your every whim

24/7 Support

You got any issues? Get in touch!

723 Projects

We got the experience! Use it!

Let us build your dream

We love to talk to customers and we offer expert advice at all stages prior to, during and even after the end of the projects. We also offer site visits and consultations and can prepare detailed proposals and quotations for all enquiries, sale or hire.

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